Sigmund Freud Lectures

See a selection of video recordings of the Sigmund Freud Lectures from the last years. More on our YouTube Channel

L - Adam Phillips: On Not Believing In Anything: Or, Why Freud? (copy)

Adam Phillips was formerly Principal Child Psychotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital in London, and is now a psychoanalyst in private practice in London and a writer. He is the author of over twenty books on psychoanalysis and literature, most recently On Getting Better and The Cure for Psychoanalysis. He is a Visiting Professor in the English Department at the University of York, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Introduction and moderation by Gohar Homayounpour, welcome words by Monika Pessler.

XLIX - Lisa Appignanesi: Dreaming with Freud, Writing with Freud

Lisa Appignanesi OBE is an award-winning writer, novelist, cultural commentator, and until 2021 Chair of the Royal Society of Literature. She was Chair of the Freud Museum London from 2007-2013 and President of English Pen. Amongst her books is the classic Freud’s Women (with John Forrester). Introduction and moderation by Jeanne Wolff Bernstein, welcome words by Monika Pessler.

XLVIII - Colette Soler: La Psychanalyse et le Politique

Colette Soler was trained by Jacques Lacan and was a member of the École freudienne de Paris and later a founding member of the Champ lacanien and its École Internationale de Psychanalyse after the secession from the Association mondiale de psychanalyse (AMP) in 1998. She gave the Sigmund Freud Lecture 2021 from Paris, with an introduction by Viktor Mazin and welcome words by Monika Pessler. Daniela Finzi moderated the discussion.

XLVII -Jacqueline Rose: To Die One’s Own Death – Thinking with Sigmund Freud in a Time of Pandemic

Jacqueline Rose is Professor of Humanities and Co-Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at the University of London. She gave the Sigmund Freud Lecture at the Freud Museum London. Moderated by Monika Pessler.

XLVI - Jan Assmann: Moses tragicus. Freud, Schönberg und der scheiternde Moses

In 2019, Jan Assmann, Egyptologist and Scientist for Studies of Culture and Religion gave the lecture in German.

XLV - Philipp Blom: Let Me Tell You a Story. Narrative Identitäten in Zeiten des Aufruhrs

Author and Historian Philipp Blom gave the 2018 Sigmund Freud Lecture in German.

XLIV - William Kentridge: A Defence of the Less Good Idea

Artist William Kentridge delivered the Sigmund Freud Lecture 2017 in English at Vienna's Burgtheater, moderated by Erik Porath.

XLIII - Stefano Bolognini: The Humanizing Function of Contemporary Pschoanalytic Empathy

Stefano Bolognini, President of the International Psychoanalytic Assosiation, gave the 2016 lecture in English.

XLI - Judith Butler: Politik des Todestriebes. Der Fall der Todesstrafe

Judith Butler delivered the Sigmund Freud Lecture of 2014 in German at the University of Vienna, moderated by Jeanne Wolff Bernstein.

XL - Joseph Kosuth: Freud, Beckett and the Uncanny: Some Thoughts on Art as Installation

Artist Joseph Kosuth gave the 2013 lecture in German at the Sigmund Freud Museum, moderated by Peter Pakesch.

XXXVIII - Siri Hustvedt: "Freud's Playground: Some Reflections on the Art and Science of Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity

Author Siri Hustvedt gave the lecture 2011 in English at the Austrian National Bank, moderated by Andrea Bronner.