The Murder of the Sisters

Robbed of their fundamental rights, exposed to repressive financial measures and bodily harm, thousands of Jewish Austrians try to leave the country in the late 1930s. Sigmund and Alexander Freud are able to emigrate with their families; their elderly sisters Adolfine, Marie, Pauline, and Rosa stay behind in Vienna. The funds they receive from their family for their financial security are quickly exhausted by an increasing list of taxes put into place by the Nazis.
Displaced from their apartments, they are ordered to move to one of the many group apartments in which Jews are forced to live in highly confined spaces, and eventually to a Jewish retirement home. In the summer of 1942, the sisters are deported to Theresienstadt where Adolfine dies on September 29th. Marie, Pauline, and Rosa are murdered only a few hours into their arrival at Treblinka, where they are deported to on the 23rd and 29th of September. The rest of the family only finds out about their fate through a letter sent by the Red Cross in 1946.