Farewell to Sigmund Freud

«Closure of practice»: this is Freud’s diary entry on August 1, 1939, after an attack of cardiac asthma. His appetite vanishes, the pain increases. In September, his health goes into rapid decline. Freud moves into his study for his sickbed, with a view of the roses in the garden. After a morphine injection, Freud goes into a coma and dies in the early hours of September 23, 1939. «Till the end, in the few hours or, in the end, minutes of the day when he was not overpowered by sleep or pain, he was completely himself,» his daughter-in- law Lucie writes in a letter of Freud’s last days.
His cremation and interment take place on September 26 at Golders Green Crematorium. Ernest Jones reads a eulogy in English, then Stefan Zweig speaks: «Each of us would think, judge, feel, more narrowly, less freely, less justly without his thinking ahead of us, without this powerful inward stimulus he has given us» (Stefan Zweig, 1939).