Sigmund-Freud-Society (Introduction)

The aims of the Sigmund Freud Society differ in some respect from the functions of the official psychoanalytical organizations. While the branches of the International Psycho-Analytical Association assist the individual analyst in his work and the analytic teaching institutes work to train future generations of psychoanalysts, the newly-founded Sigmund Freud Society tries to give its members, verbally as well as visually, information about the beginnings of psychoanalysis, forming in this way a link between past, presence, and future of the analytical movement. Another difference lies in the fact that compared with psychoanalytical societies spread all over the world, the Sigmund Freud Society is tied to its seat. The place where the founder of psychoanalysis lived and worked raises hope in the visitor - beyond a photographic documentation of historical facts - to catch a glimpse of the pioneering spirit to which psychoanalysis owes its creation, a spirit essential for the preservation and promotion of psychoanalysis under present world conditions.

Anna Freud, London

(Original in German)



Anna Freud, „Der Sigmund Freud Gesellschaft zum Geleit“, in: Briefe Anna Freud, Archiv des Sigmund Freud Museums, Inv. Nr.: 29/25.

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