On the occasion of the anniversary, Austria's and Vienna's political representatives and public supporters of the Sigmund Freud Museum have conveyed their wishes.



Sigmund Freud is one of the great personalities of Austria and the world. The museum dedicated to him preserves the memory of him, his life, his work and also his expulsion. Over the past 50 years, a research center for psychoanalysis has been established here in Berggasse, serving as a place of encounter, intellectual exchange and forward-looking examination of Sigmund Freud's teachings. Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen

Sigmund Freud and his achievements in the investigation of the human psyche are inextricably linked with Vienna. The museum named after him cultivates Sigmund Freud's personal and scientific legacy and thus makes a significant contribution to understanding his work as the founder of psychoanalysis. With its activities, the museum at the famous address Berggasse 19 sets cultural-political accents and presents itself as a platform for scientific dialogue. In times of increased information offers, it takes on a special role in addressing the profoundly human aspects of our being. I congratulate the Sigmund Freud Museum on its 50th anniversary. Through its program, it makes an important contribution as a cultural mediator and as a scientific forum for young and old. Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

With the founding of the Sigmund Freud Museum, the public has given the physician and founder of psychoanalysis an appropriate memorial - 26 years after the end of World War II and 32 years after Sigmund Freud's expulsion. In recent years, the renovation and expansion of the museum has also provided the scientific library with the space it needs for its cooperation with the University of Vienna and the Library of Congress. The museum and the specialized library are appreciated, respected and, above all, used worldwide. I warmly congratulate the Sigmund Freud Museum and all the people who have contributed so significantly to establishing the museum as a cultural and scientific location. Thus, this institution provides important and worldwide impulses for scientific discourse. Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research Heinz Fassmann

The intellectual life in interwar Vienna - with "Viennese Modernism" and Sigmund Freud at its head - was without comparison. Until two fascisms destroyed it. Today, Vienna is once again an excellent center of science. And the good cooperation of the Sigmund Freud Museum at the world-famous address Berggasse 19 with the City of Vienna is an enrichment for the intellectual life of our modern metropolis. All the best for the 50th birthday of this incomparable institution! Mayor Michael Ludwig

According to Sigmund Freud, there is "a way back from fantasy to reality, and that is - art". Art is also an indispensable companion on our way out of the global crisis to a new normality. Art enables us to reflect on the past and rethink the future. The Sigmund Freud Museum has been building this bridge between yesterday and tomorrow for 50 years now. With great success. I congratulate on the anniversary and wish all the best for the future! Secretary of State for Arts and Culture Andrea Mayer

For Vienna, the place of origin of psychoanalysis, where Sigmund Freud worked for almost 50 years before he was forced to leave his hometown in 1938, the significance of the Sigmund Freud Museum as a cultural and scientific location is as great today as it was when it was founded 50 years ago. With Sigmund Freud, a representative of the social awakening in Vienna at the turn of the century is commemorated and at the same time the intellectual innovative power of lived diversity is demonstrated. City Councillor for Culture and Science Veronica Kaup-Hasler


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