Object of the Month: April

Little jewellery box

The Sigmund Freud museum contains an extensive archive. Every month, we present one of its most interesting pieces:

B-3358-G, jewellery box from Hamburg jeweller’s A. Böttger, Colonnaden 50, with personal dedication from Freud to Martha.

  • Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

In the former living quarters and office of Sigmund Freud in the house at Berggasse 19 in Vienna's ninth district, the Sigmund Freud Museum presents an exhibition documenting the life and work of the founder of psychoanalysis. Freud lived and worked in this house from 1891 until 1938, when on 4 June he was forced by the National Socialists to flee with his family into exile in England.

The interior decoration of the museum was carried out in 1971 with the help of Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud's youngest daughter. Original furnishings, including the waiting room, a selection from Freud’s collection of antiquities, and signed copies and first editions of his works provide a glimpse into Freud's biography, his cultural environment and the development of psychoanalysis. Unique film material showing the Freud family in the 1930’s, is shown in a video room with a commentary by Anna Freud.

  • Showroom Berggasse 19

Peter Kogler: Showroom Berggasse 19, 2015

Starting April 30, 2015

Austrian multimedia artist Peter Kogler is creating the showroom at Berggasse 19 for the Sigmund Freud Museum. With the aid of his artistic manipulation Peter Kogler gives us a glimpse of a spatial structure that, illuminated by a 300-watt bulb, blurs, even shakes, the boundaries between the outside and inside.

  • Contemporary Art Collection

Contemporary Art Collection

In Commemoration of Franz West (2/16/1947 - 7/26/2012)

The installation "Zero & Not" by the American conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth was realized in 1989 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Sigmund Freud's death. The artist's continual occupation with Sigmund Freud's theories manifested itself in this work. Together with Peter Pakesch, Joseph Kosuth was then able to convince a number of artist colleagues to each donate one work to the Sigmund Freud Museum. The goal of this initiative was to confront a scientific institution with contemporary art. With gifts from John Baldessari, Pierpaolo Calzolari, Georg Herold, Jenny Holzer, Ilya Kabakov and Franz West, the Sigmund Freud Museum initiated a noteworthy effort to bring together contemporary art and psychoanalysis.

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