Belle Vue
In 1895 Freud spend the summer at the Schloss Belle Vue on the Kobenzl, with the family Ritter von Schlag. Here, during the night from 23rd to 24th July, he had a dream which was the first that he managed to decipher as wish fulfilment and which appears in his "Interpretation of Dreams" as the "Dream of Irma's Injection". The Schloss was demolished but today the site is marked by a monument bearing an inscription taken from a letter which Freud later wrote to Wilhelm Fliess: "Do you really think that some day one will be able to read a marble tablet inscribed: 'Here on 24th July 1895 the mystery of dreams was revealed to Dr Sigmund Freud?' ". Today you find on its place a Sigmund Freud Memorial with this quote as inscription.

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