The amateur movies showing Freud with his family and friends were filmed between 1930 and 1939 in Vienna, Paris and London. The majority were taken by Marie Bonaparte whose footage also documents the "Anschluss", the unification of Austria with Nazi Germany. The American psychoanalyst Ruth Mack Brunswick filmed some of the family celebrations. These films were made for private purposes only and with a few exceptions they depict scenes from freud's family life. Not least among the participants are the numerous dogs. As the secret stars of family festivities, they frequently steal the limelight.
Together with a film taken in 1928 by Philip Lehrman which shows freud and members of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, these silent, amateur movies are the only films made of the founder of psychoanalysis, who otherwise shied away from photography and the media.

Freud and E. Loewy. Vienna 1932
"1932: Vienna - Pötzleinsdorf"

Sigmund Freud in conversation with the archaeologist Emanuel Loewy.
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1934: Vienna - Grinzing
"1934: Vienna - Grinzing"

Scene in the garden of the villa 47 Strassergasse.
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1936: Vienna - Golden Wedding
"1936: Vienna - Golden Wedding"

Relaxing before the celebrations.
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1936: Vienna - Golden Wedding
"1936: Vienna - Golden Wedding"

Receiving guests come to congratulate him.
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Freud et Lun, Wien 1937
"Freud et Lun"

Sigmund Freud with the chow Lun and Anna Freud, Vienna 1937.
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La famille Freud à Grinzing - 47 Strassergasse
"La famille Freud à Grinzing - 47 Strassergasse"

Martha and Sigmund Freud in the garden at Grinzing, 1937.
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Marie Bonaparte, Wien 1937
"Berggasse 19 - (décembre 1937)"

Marie Bonaparte in Freud's waiting room.
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Wien nach dem Anschluss, 1. Mai 1938
"Le 1st May à Vienne après l'Anschluss."

Vienna after the "Anschluss", 1st May, 1938.
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Geburtstag in Maresfield Garden, 1938
"En visite 20 Maresfield Garden - octobre 1938"

Sigmund Freud and guests at his 82nd birthday.
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Maresfield Garden, 1938
"En visite 20 Maresfield Garden - octobre 1938"

Anna and Sigmund Freud at the birthday celebrations.
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Le livre d'or. de la Royal Society
"Le livre d'or. de la Royal Society chez Freud"

1938: Freud is a member of the Royal Society and signs the charter book which was brought to his house.
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