A heart attack forces Freud to give up smoking.
William C. Bullitt persuades Freud to collaborate on his psychological study of Woodrow Wilson.
Freud spends the summer at Grundlsee to be near his sick mother. In autumn she dies at the age of 95.
 Amalie Freud
Amalie and Sigmund Freud
"Above all my heartfelt thanks for your kind words on the death of my mother. It has had a curious effect on me, this great event. No pain, no mourning, which can probably be explained by the accompanying circumstances of her great age and by compassion for her helplessness at the end, and together with that a feeling of liberation, of being freed that I think I also understand. I could not die so long as she was alive, and now I can. Somehow at the deeper levels life's values have noticably altered." [SF- Ferenczi 16.9.1930]
The Goethe Prize is awarded to Freud. Anna goes to Frankfurt to accept the prize on his behalf.
Goethe Haus Frankfurt
In his article The Expert Opinion in the Halsmann Case he argues against the misuse of psychoanalysis in a legal context.