Arnold Zweig publishes an essay entitled "Freud and Humankind" in which he celebrates Freud as a liberator from religious and pathological terror.
Arnold Zweig
Arnold Zweig
In autumn Freud travels with his daughter Anna to Berlin to submit to another course of treatment for cancer at the Tegel sanatorium.
The Wall Street Crash causes an economic crisis in Europe too. "Business and public affairs are very bad with us", Freud writes to his English relations.
The first diary note for 1929 is "Passed over for the Nobel Prize". There are antisemitic disturbances at Vienna University.
Freud finishes work on Civilization and its Discontents.
Thomas Mann writes his essay Freud's Position in Modern Intellectual History.
Yvette Guilbert
The French singer Yvette Guilbert performs in Vienna. Freud admires her and although he otherwise describes himself as unmusical, he attends her concert.