An election announcement for the Viennese Social Democrats co-signed by Freud appears in the Arbeiter Zeitung.
The 10th International Psychoanalytical Congress takes place in Innsbruck. Eitingon becomes President of the International Psychoanalytical Society, Sandor Ferenczi and Ernest Jones Vice- Presidents, Anna Freud Secretary; Johann van Ophuijsen Treasurer.
 Ernest Jones
Ernest Jones
Bertrand Russell gives Freud his book The Analysis of Matter.
The Illustrierte Kronen Zeitung reports that Freud has received "$100,000 as a token of respect" from the New York Psychoanalytic Society, so that "he can continue his scientific research without financial worries." Freud denies this in the 2nd October edition of the paper.
The Vienna City Authority offers Freud a plot of land by the Tandlmarkt on which to build a psychoanalytic institute.
Freud published The Future of an Illusion, Humour and an article on Fetishism.