A conflict with Otto Rank over the meaning of the birth trauma breaks out inpsychoanalysis.
 Max Pollack: Oedipus and the Sphinx
Max Pollak: Oedipus and the Sphinx
Freud granted the Freedom of the City of Vienna. "The idea that my 68th birthday the day after tomorrow could be my last must have occured to others too since the city of Vienna hastened to award me the Freedom of the City, for which one usually waits until one's 70th birthday." [SF-Abraham 4.5.1924]
Stefan Zweig visits Freud in the company of Romain Rolland. "I revered you as an artist and apostle of love for mankind many years before I saw you. I myself have always advocated the love for mankind not out of sentimentality or idealism but for sober, economic reasons: because in the face of our instinctual drives and the world as it is I wa compelled to consider this love as indispensable for the preservation of the human species as, say, technology. When I finally came to know you personally I was surprised to find that you hold strength and energy in such high esteem, and that you yourself embody so much will power." [SF- Romain Rolland 29.1.1926]
The editor of the Chicago Tribune offered Freud $25,000 to analyze the accused in a sensational murder trial. Freud declines the offer.
"George Seldes was so good as to inform me of details of the following recent episode: two youths, Leopold and Loeb, committed what they called a "perfect murder" in Chicago. Nevertheless they were accused of the crime and the long trial that ensued caused an enormous sensation in America. Their rich relatives and friends spared no expense to save them from the death penalty and in the end succeeded."
Seldes who was on the stafff of the Chicago Tribune was asked by Colonel McCormick to approach Freud with the following telegram: "Offer Freud 25,000 dollars or any sum if he will analyze Chicago [i.e. the murderers]"
Freud replied to Seldes in a letter of 20th June 1924 as follows:
"As your telegram was wrongly addressed it reached me with a delay. In response I would like to say that I cannot take it upon myself to express an expert opinion on the people and events only on the basis of newspaper reports and without the possibility of personal examination. On health grounds I had to decline an invitation of the Hearst Press to come to New York for the duration of the trial." [Leopold/Loeb SF-Seldes 29.6.1924]
The Vienna Medical Society institutes legal proceedings in Vienna against the non-medical analyst Theodor Reik on the basis of the law against quack doctors.
Theodor Reik
Theodor Reik
Freud publishes Neurosis and Psychosis, The Economic Problem of Masochism, The Dissolution of the Oedipus Complex and A Short Account of Psycho-Analysis.