The English language journal International Journal of Psycho- Analysis is founded in Vienna in collaboration with Ernest Jones.
Freud's daughter Sophie Halberstadt dies from influenza in Hamburg.
Sophie Halberstadt
Sigmund Freud and Sophie Halberstadt
Freud writes Memorandum on the Electrical Treatment of War Neurotics in response to the accusations against Julius Wagner- Jauregg. Wagner-Jauregg is accused of having maltreated soldiers with electric shocks. Freud criticizes Wagner-Jauregg's methods but exonerates him of the charge of having deliberately tortured patients.
 Julius Wagner Jauregg
Julius Wagner Jauregg
The 6th International Psychoanalytical Congress takes place in The Hague 0n 8-11th September. Freud reads the paper there entitled Supplements to the Theory of Dreams.
 Anna Freud in Den Haag
Sigmund and Anna Freud in Den Haag
Freud publishes Beyond the Pleasure Principle. "Your question about the relation of the R. Prinzip [reality principle] to the L. Prinzip [pleasure principe] is answered in the paper itself in agreement to what you yourself suppose. The Reality pr. is only continuing the work of the L.P. in a more effectual way, gratification being the aim of both and their oppsoition only a secondary fact. Yet I am sure this paper of mine will produce much hesitation..." [SF-Jones 14.1.1912]
Alix and James Strachey, Freud's main English translators, arrive in Vienna to begin an analysis with Freud.
Freud suggests to his nephew Edward Bernays that he should write a series of popular scientific articles for an American magazine. The title of the first article would be: One should not use psychoanalysis for polemics.