The International Psychoanalytical Press is founded in Vienna with funds donated by Anton von Freund. Freud appoints Otto Rank, his closest colleague, as first director. Until his emigration Freud is to publish all the German editions of his work in this publishing house which he had founded.
Otto Rank
Otto Rank
Freud writes the first draft of Beyond the Pleasure Principle und Mass Psychology and Ego Analysis.
The first American begins his analysis in Vienna with Freud. In the following years Freud is to make his living principally from money paid by Americans and other foreign patients for their analyses.
While working on Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Freud reads Schopenhauer for the first time.
"As the lot of old age I have chosen the theme of death, I have stumbled across a curious idea about the drives and must read all sorts of things along those lines e.g. for the first time Schopenhauer. But I don't like reading." [SF-Lou Andreas-Salome 1.18.1919]
Freud receives the title of Professor Ordinarius.
The Uncanny published.