Freud loses his entire fortune which was tied up in Austrian State Bonds.
Owing to the bad economic situation, the number of patients is so reduced that he can barely make a living.
The Budapest manufacturer Anton von Freund donates one million Kronen to psychoanalysis, but this money is lost through inflation over the next few years.
Anton von Freund
Anton von Freund
The 5th International Psychoanalytical Congress takes place on 28-29 September in Budapest. The main topic is the psychological consequences of the war and the therapeutic possibilities that psychoanalysis can offer in the treatment of war neuroses. In contrast to existing methods of treating traumatised soldiers, psychoanalytical therapy enjoys successes which bring it widespread acceptance from academic medicine.
"They now think that they can use us for practical purposes, but they appear to have no sense of the value of a scientific study of war neuroses."
[SF-Lou Andreas-Salome 4.10.1918]