Outbreak of the First World War.
Freud's sons are called up for military service in the Austrian army. The psychoanalytical congress which was planned for Dresden cannot take place. Numerous analysts, above all those with medical qualifications, are called up. Freud's patriotic attitude towards Austro-Hungarian military power soon gives way to one of sceptical resignation. As a result of military service his analysands stay away and in the spring of 1915 he estimates that the war has already cost him more than 40,000 kronen.
Freud and his sons
Freud with his sons Ernst und Martin 1916 during their leave from the Front.
As a polemical response to the recent schisms in psychoanalysis Freud publishes "On the History of the Psychoanalytic Movement". According to Freud the idiosyncrasy of psychoanalysis and its history lay in the fact that it was "his creation" and that "for ten years I was the only person who concerned himself with it, and all the dissatisfaction ... has been poured out in the form of criticisms on my head. Although it is a long time now since I was the only psychoanalyst, I consider myself justified in maintaining that even today no one can know better than I do what psychoanalysis is, how it differs from other ways of investigating the life of the mind, and precisely what should be called psychoanalysis and what would be better described by some other name."
Other works to appear are The Moses of Michelangelo, On Narcissism: an Introduction and Remembering, Repeating and Working-Through.