Break with C.G. Jung.
C.G. Jung who for some time has been developing his own psychology with a new conception of libido resigns from the editorial committee of the Yearbook for Psychoanalysis and in 1914 resigns from the presidency of the International Psychoanalytical Association.
As a response to Jung's interest in mythology, though already subliminally critical of it, Totem and Taboo appears in book form in 1913. Freud writes about this work: "It deals with a conception which should not be judged with the strictness justified in cases of scientific hypotheses. I myself once called it a 'scientific myth'. It would be useless to try to free it of all the inaccuracies which it contains. In my representation a single experience is made of what could only have been a repetition through thousands of generations. This is the only this way that the regressive mental consequences could have come about, that we deduce from this piece of human history." [30.7.1927 to Robert von Pilz]
The Vienna psychoanalysts celebrate the appearance of the book with a "totem feast" on the Konstantinhuegel in the Prater, during which Freud is presented with an Egyptian figure as totem animal.
Restaurant on the Konstantinhuegel
Restaurant on the Konstantinhügel
The numerous works which Freud publishes this year concentrate predominantly on the elaboration of psychoanalytical technique and religious and cultural history. Besides Totem and Taboo the most important publications of the year include The Theme of the Three Caskets and The Claims of Psychoanalysis to Scientific Interest.