Founding of the Wednesday Psychological Society.
Together with a small circle of those interested in the subject Freud founds the Wednesday Psychological Society which meets regularly in Freud's waiting room for discussions. Among the founder members are Alfred Adler, Wilhelm Stekel, Max Kahane and Rudolf Reitler. Starting with this small circle of doctors, psychoanalysis develops into an international scientific and cultural movement.
Freud's waiting room
Waiting room in Berggasse 19 where the Psychological Wednesday Society met for its discussion.
Freud receives the title of Ordinary Professor of the University of Vienna. He describes the award in a letter: "The population displayed great enthusiasm. There was a shower ... of congratulations and flowers, as if the role of sexuality had suddenly been officially recognized by His Majesty, the meaning of dreams confirmed by the council of ministers and the necessity of psychoanalytical therapy for hysteria ratified by a 2/3 majority in parliament."