The first copies of The Interpretation of Dreams appear, post- dated 1900.
Freud spends the summer of 1899 in the farmhouse of Riemerlehen near Berchtesgaden, where he completes the final chapter of The Interpretation of Dreams. This book and the method of interpretation it sets out are to remain for the rest of his life his "royal road to the unconscious".
Egyptian Dream
In the introduction to the second edition of The Interpretation of Dreams which appears in 1908 Freud describes its autobiographical component in addition to its scientific significance: "For me this book also has a further and subjective meaning which I was only able to understand after its completion. It proved itself to be a part of my self-analysis, my reaction to the death of my father, that is, to the most significant event, the deepest loss in a man's life. After I had recognized this, I felt myself unable to cover the traces of this influence."
Cartoon story which Freud published in "The Interpretation of Dreams": the young nurse is trying not to wake up and the dream turns out to be the guardian of sleep.