Freud manages for the first time to analyse one of his own dreams.
The "dream of Irma's injection" which Freud successfully analyzes is to be a cornerstone of the "Interpretation of Dreams" and the theory that every dream fullfills a wish. Freud later writes to Fliess: "Do you suppose that some day a marble tablet will be placed on the house, inscribed with these words: 'In this house on July 24, 1895, the Secret of Dreams was revealed to Dr. Sigmund Freud.' At this moment I see little prospect of it." (to Fliess 12.6.1900)
Freud drafts the "Project for a Scientific Psychology", his last attempt to construct an overall theory reconciling mental and physical phenomena by grounding psychology on cerebral anatomy.
Over the following five years Freud gradually changes his therapeutic methods. "The replacement of hypnosis by free association happened before the "Traumdeutung" ["Interpretation of Dreams"], between 1895 and 1900; simultaneously I began to use the term psychoanalysis." (to Jones 3.3.1936)
His sixth and youngest child, Anna, is born.
Freud's Children around 1900
The Freud children ca. 1900: foreground, left to right: Oliver, Anna, Ernst: Background: Sophie, Mathilde, Martin
Together with Josef Breuer Freud publishes Studies on Hysteria and also A Reply to Criticisms of my Paper on Anxiety Neurosis and On the Mechanism of Obsessions and Phobias.