Move to Berggasse 19
In September 1891 the Freuds move to an apartment in the newly erected Berggasse 19, where they are to live until his emigration in June 1938.
Announcement of move
Announcement of the new address for consultations
After a period during which Freud published little, a book appears written jointly with his friend Oskar Rie, on cerebral disease in children, as well as his own first original book, On Aphasia. It is a critical survey of the state of research in aphasia and is dedicated to his Freud's older friend and mentor, Dr Josef Breuer.
Freud at the age of 29
Freud 1891
Freud begins treating "Elisabeth von R.", his "first full-length analysis of a hysteria": "From the beginning it seemed to me probable that Fräulein Elisabeth was conscious of the basis of her illness, that what she had in her consciousness was only a secret and not a foreign body. Looking at her, one could not help thinking of the poet's words: 'Her mask reveals a hidden sense.'"
Luca Signorelli: 'Licht und Luecke'
Luca Signorelli: 'Licht und Lücke'
Apart from the monographs on cerebral diseases and aphasia, articles appear on: Communication on Intoxication by Sulfonal and On Hypnosis and Suggestion.