Beginning of friendship with Wilhelm Fliess.
Freud and Wilhelm Fliess, ca 1900
Freud's friendship with Fliess is to become the central relationship over the next ten years, during which meetings and correspondence with his friend act as a sounding board for all Freud's new ideas. Freud travels to Nancy to perfect his hypnotic technique but the visit taught him the limitations of hypnotic suggestion: "Thinking it would be instructive, I had persuaded one of my patients to follow me to Nancy. The patient was a very highly gifted hysteric, a woman of good birth, who had been handed over to me because no one knew what to do with her. By hypnotic influence I had made it possible for her to lead a tolerable existence... But she always relapsed again after a short time, and in my ignorance I attributed this to the fact that her hypnosis had never reached the stage of somnambulism with amnesia. Bernheim now attempted several times to bring this about, but he too failed."
Freud's first son Jean-Martin is born and named after Charcot.
In a handbook on health he publishes a contribution on "Psychical (or Mental) Treatment".