Freud becomes interested in hypnotherapy.
Freud experiments with the use of hypnotic suggestion as therapy, which he had encountered in Paris, and he is translating a book by Hyppolite Bernheim on the therapeutic use of suggestion. He says of his interest in hypnosis: "For my part I have thrown myself into hypnosis in the last few weeks and achieved all sorts of small but curious successes. I also intend to translate Bernheim's book on suggestion." (Freud to Fliess 28.12.1887)
Hippolyte Bernheim (1873-1919)
The Berlin ear nose and throat specialist Wilhelm Fliess attends his 1887 lectures in Vienna. They begin a voluminous correspondence which documents the gradual development of psychoanalysis up to "The Interpretation of Dreams".
Freud begins treating Anna von Lieben, known in "Studies in Hysteria" as Caecilie M.
Mathilde Freud
Birth of Freud's eldest daughter Mathilde.
Apart from numerous reviews, Freud publishes: "The Nervous System", "Remarks on craving for and fear of cocaine" and the translation of Bernheim's book "Hypnotism and Suggestion".