Freud researches the medicinal effects of coca.
After preliminary experiments in Salomon Stricker's laboratory for experimental pathology, Freud is able to prove that cocaine can be used as a local anaesthetic. "So coca is associated above all with my name" he wrote to Martha Bernays on 16.1.1885. On the basis of Freud's research Koller is to use cocaine in eye surgery, for which he gains scientific recognition. But Freud's attempt to cure Fleischl's morphine addiction by cocaine only results in a substitute addiction. From 1884 to 1887 he publishes several articles on cocaine.
In 1885 he becomes a Privat Docent at the University of Vienna, where he teaches a course on neuropathology. He wins a travelling scholarship that enables him to study the effects of nervous diseases such as hysteria, under Jean-Martin Charcot at the Salpetriere in Paris.
A lesson of Jean-Martin Charcot in which a hysterical patient is presented. A lithograph of this painting by Brouillet hung in Freud's consulting room.
Publications: "On Coca", "Contribution to the knowledge of the effect of cocaine" and "Concerning the knowledge of the intermediary layer of the olive".