In 1873 Freud passes his Matura (school leaving certificate) and enters Vienna University.
Vienna University
The old university, Vienna
Shortly before entering university he attends a lecture on Goethe by Carl Bruehl which decides him to study medicine. He enters the medical faculty of Vienna University and studies zoology under Carl Claus, physiology under Ernst von Bruecke and philosophy under Franz Brentano.
In the summer of 1875 Freud visits his half-brothers in Manchester. During the journey he sees the sea for the first time. England impresses him very favourably and he writes to Silberstein after his return on September 9, 1875: "Who knows, dear friend, but that after I have completed my studies a favorable wind might not blow me across to England for practical work.... Last year if I had been asked what my greatest wish was I would have replied: A laboratory and free time or a ship on the ocean with all the instruments a researcher needs. Now I hesitate whether I should not rather say: a large hospital and plenty of money."
Family photo
The Freud family ca. 1876