Freud begins a friendship with his classmate Eduard Silberstein.
Eduard Silberstein
The friend of his youth, Eduard Silberstein, as a student
Together with Silberstein Freud visits his home town twice. They teach themselves Spanish and begin writing each other letters in Spanish. Freud wrote of this friendship: "Every hour of the day when we were not sitting on the school benches we spent together. We... had our own mythology and secret names which we drew from a dialogue of the great Cervantes. In our Spanish reading book we once discovered a humourous philosophical conversation between two dogs lying contemplatively at the gates of a hospital and we adopted their names; in written and spoken communications he was called Berganza and I Cipion. ... Together we formed a peculiar learned society, the Academia Castellana /AC/, wrote together jocular literature which must still be among my old papers, shared our frugal suppers together and were never bored." (to Martha Bernays 7.2.1884)