Freud Jahr 2006



The Freud Year 2006
150th Anniversary
On May 6th 2006, Sigmund Freud would have become 150 years old. The Sigmund Freud Foundation will celebrate the commemorative year by staging a wide range of different activities as well as international joint projects in the fields of culture, art, music and science.


Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer has assumed the patronage for Freud Year 2006.

Statement by President Dr. Heinz Fischer:
“There are only a very few personalities who have had such a significant, fundamental impact on the development of today’s cultural history as Sigmund Freud and, like hardly another scientist before or since, the founder of psychoanalysis stimulated the discussion about people’s perceptions of themselves. With his findings on the psychology of the subconscious mind, Freud created new patterns of awareness and interpretation for society in general. Consequently, Freud is one of Austria’s most famous scientists and developed a reputation that went far beyond this country’s borders. Furthermore, he was a brilliant author, that’s why I always love to read his works. In 2006, we are celebrating Freud’s 150th birthday. The Sigmund Freud Foundation invests a great deal of commendable effort and highly qualified scholarly work in maintaining Freud’s cultural legacy and is organizing many (inter)national activities to celebrate this event. All these were very good reasons that convinced me to assume the patronage for such a significant anniversary as Freud Year 2006.”

Main Focus of the Program for Freud Year 2006:

The Sigmund Freud Foundation has organized a wide variety of different activities as well as international joint projects in the fields of culture, art, music and science to celebrate the 150th birthday of Sigmund Freud in 2006. Many exhibitions and other activities commemorating Freud Year 2006 have been made possible with the support provided by private sponsors as well as with the funding of public and private patrons. Among the partners are the ORF Radio Station Ö1, the German Film Museum, Gewista and Infoscreen. Main Sponsor of the Freud Year are the Austrian Lotteries.

This wide-ranging program of events will include exhibitions in Austria, Germany, and in the U.S. In New York, for example, the collection of contemporary art from the Sigmund Freud Museum will be on display in the Austrian Cultural Forum. Also in New York, the Leica Gallery will present an exhibition featuring photos taken by Edmund Engelman in the cultural context of Vienna in the 20th century. The Curators are Peter Pakesch and Inge Scholz-Strasser. “Masterpieces from Gugging”, on display in the Sigmund Freud Museum from 6 October 2005 to 28 February 2006 – extension until 28 April – is starting point to the Freud Year. The Gugging artists are patients with mental disorders, who are stars of the international Art Brut community and were awarded the Oskar Kokoschka Prize in 1990. In this special exhibition, the Sigmund Freud Museum shows 23 works.

The viewing program in 2006 will also feature the extensive special show entitled “The Couch: Thinking in Repose” in the Sigmund Freud Museum. In a variety of different ways, this exhibition will focus on the different levels of interpretation that this piece of furniture conveys as the embodiment of Freud’s theory and practice. The exhibition is devoted to the origin of the psychoanalytical scenario and includes cultural aspects of the couch as a recliner as well as its significance and function over the years. It also points out cross refer¬ences in literature, art and medicine in the 19th, 20th and 21st century. Lydia Marinelli is the curator and editor of the catalogue on “The Couch: Thinking in Repose”, which serves as an attractive documen¬tation on the exhibition of the same name. The show ist granted substantially by the Ministery of Education, Science and Art.

An impressive, widely varied lecture program will also comprise part of the Freud Year. Leon Botstein, Director of the Bard College in New York and a renowned philosopher, cultural historian and conductor from the USA will give the traditional Sigmund Freud lecture in the Freud Year.

Bearing reference with the EU presidency of Austria in the first half of 2006, the Sigmund Freud Private Foundation will host an international symposium on the topic of Psychoanalysis and Politics. Vamik Volkan, a well-known professor for psychiatry and accredited conflict researcher from Virginia, USA, will act as the scientific head of this project. In the summer semester of 2006, Vamik Volkan will also be the Freud-Fulbright Professor of the Sigmund Freud Foundation.

The academic support provided by the Sigmund Freud Private Foundation in the field of film productions, multimedia productions and publications will also play an important role in the many joint projects planned for Freud Year 2006.

In cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Sigmund Freud Foundation will also provide consulting services for the international cultural programs and activities organized for Freud Year 2006 at different Austrian cultural institutes.

In a further joint project, the Film Archive of Austria will show an extensive film retrospective on “Freud and the Cinema”, which will explore the aspects of Freud as a human being and the main topics of psychoanalysis.