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Freud for the "Little Scamps"

Sigmund Freud lovingly referred to his children as "little scamps". With poems suitable for children, the life and work of the father of psychoanalysis are playfully explained at audio stations in the museum. A map with a sticker field helps the little explorers in their search for clues.

The program is free for our young visitors.

Freud for the "little scamps"

In this new education program, the Sigmund Freud Museum addresses children aged 5 to 12. Whereas the new permanent presentations are based on a combination of cognitive and sensual experience, young museum visitors will gain selected insights into Freud's world and time by means of a playful and associative approach. Despite the complexity of psychoanalytic theory, numerous core themes of Freud - such as dreams and wishes, fantasy and fear - are tangible and real dynamics also for children; in addition, numerous exhibition objects from Freud's former possessions - such as a cap, a suitcase, or a mirrored chest of drawers - provide diverse references to the everyday worlds and experiences of young visitors.

Poems and Aufio Installations

10 audio installations with poems form this program. The poems are penned by the Viennese writer Michael Hammerschmid, who is, among other things, a lecturer in the field of literary education at the University of Applied Arts, the University of Vienna in the field of German Studies, as well as a translator. He also has a decidedly comprehensive expertise in the field of children's and youth work.

The audio stations will be implemented in all exhibition areas of the Sigmund Freud Museum - in the mezzanine, in the gallery and in the upper ground floor (art collection) - and will offer selected poems on individual aspects of Freud's life and work.

The poems and all related materials will be available in German and English.

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