Analysis Interminable. Psychoanalytical Schools of Thought after Freud

Today, psychoanalytic approaches are combined with the latest medical and neuroscientific perspectives, and psychoanalytic treatments are the subject of empirical research. What’s more, psychoanalysis is now influenced by feminist criticism and by numerous discourses within cultural studies and the humanities, as well as by the different cultural contexts in which it is embedded as an international movement. Psychoanalysis—of which it is hardly possible to speak in the singular—currently constitutes an integrative and simultaneously fragmented discipline that is sometimes united in schools: it is a lively and diverse field of research and clinical practice.

Psychoanalysis is still deeply rooted in Sigmund Freud’s thinking and his assumption that approaching the unconscious is a task that can never be considered completed 1, remains true to this day. The exhibition Analysis Interminable introduces five contemporary psychoanalytic schools whose similarities and distinctions reveal psychoanalysis to be a complex and progressive science of the unconscious. In five short film interviews the exhibition introduces one exemplary representative of the chosen psychoanalytical schools. The films grant insight into the individual approaches and the timeliness of the psychoanalytic approaches. Originally planned as a special exhibition at the Sigmund Freud Museum, the presentation is now accessible online. Each of the five information boxes on this page leads directly to a detailed page with more information and the video interview on the subject.

1 See Sigmund Freud, Analysis Terminable and Interminable, 1937

Drive-, Structure-, and Conflict Theory

Freud's drive theory was added to by Jean Laplanche, among others.

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Object Relations Theories

Object Relations Theories are based upon the works of Melanie Klein and others.

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Relational Psychoanalysis

Relational Psychoanalysis was co-founded by Stephen Mitchell.

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Self Psychology

The central approaches of psychoanalytic self psychology were formulated by Heinz Kohut.

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Structural Psychoanalysis

Structural psychoanalysis is closely associated with the name of the French analyst Jacques Lacan.

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Curated by Esther Hutfless

Exhibition design: Stefan Flunger

Film concept: Esther Hutfless

Camera and Edit: Wout Kichler and Maximilian Klamm


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