William Kentridge: In Verteidigung der weniger guten Idee

This volume is available in German only: Ideas that occur unplanned, as it were, in the course of the artistic production process are what William Kentridge calls "lesser ideas". The studio offers them a safe place where - as in psychoanalysis - nothing appears as too unimportant, trivial or stupid: the studio, like the psychoanalytic processes of transference, becomes, according to an expression by Sigmund Freud, a "playground". Drawing on the associative mode of working that art and psychoanalysis share, Kentridge demonstrates how meaning is constructed. We cannot resist making sense of the world.

From the series of our Sigmund Freud Lectures, published by Turia and Kant: The Festive Lecture by William Kentridge, with a foreword by Erik Porath.


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