So this is the Strong Sex.

So this is the Strong Sex. Women in Psychoanalysis

Bilingual publication accompanying the special exhibition about the role of women in the early development of psychoanalysis: Emma Eckstein, Sabina Spielrein, Lou Andreas-Salomé, Helene Deutsch, Marie Bonaparte, Anna Freud. With biographies and pictures. 52 pages

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Bookend "Sigmund Freud"

Metal Bookend

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Narrating Violence. A Comic-Exhibition

Catalog for the special exhibition

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Adam Phillips: An nichts glauben oder: Warum Freud?

Cover Phillips Freud Vorlesung

German Publication of the Sigmund Freud Lecture 2023

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Edmund Engelman: Sigmund Freud, Wien IX, Berggasse 19

Cover Engelman

Unique photos from 1938 by Edmund Engelman

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