Slavoj Zizek: Der göttliche Todestrieb.

This publication is available in German only. In the 42nd Sigmund Freud Lecture, Slavoj Zizek does not interpret the connection between religion and the death drive as if religion were an expression of the death drive and thus a tool of dark forces. On the contrary, Zizek links religion and psychoanalysis in their emancipatory aspects. What they have in common is the power of negation. Psychoanalysis finds in the death drive a final abyss that does not allow accommodation with the status quo, and religion is not absolute certainty but absolute doubt. The experience of the divine is the experience of our lives being out of joint.

From the series of our Sigmund Freud Lectures, published by Turia and Kant: The Festive Lecture by Slavoj Zizek, with an introduction by Victor Mazin.



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