Das Unbehagen in der Kultur

Edited and commented by Wolfgang Müller-Funk - this volume is available in German only.

Civilization and its Discontents can be read as a balance sheet of Freud's theoretical work and as the first summa of a not uncontroversial but established cultural discourse. In this new edition, Wolfgang Müller-Funk comments on Freud's ambivalent theory of culture and describes its genesis. He explains the various concepts, some of them contradictory, that Freud unfolds in his study and discusses central concepts. Freud's concept of culture, for example, contains a striking affinity with the English concept of civilization; he sees culture more in terms of a restriction of freedom than as its enabler.
Finally, in the second part of this volume, Wolfgang Müller-Funk provides a comprehensive overview of the reception history of Freud's theory of culture.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller-Funk teaches literature and cultural studies at the University of Vienna.

Vienna University Press at V&R unipress, Vienna 2016.

149 pp.


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