Philipp Blom: Let Me Tell You a Story.

Philipp Blom: Let Me Tell You a Story. Narrative Identitäten in Zeiten der Unsicherheit. This volume is available in German only:

In his Sigmund Freud Lecture, Philipp Blom explores the manifold meanings of storytelling. Stories shape our thoughts, our feelings and our innermost impulses - only through them do we become part of a certain family, a culture, a social class, a generation. What is the role of storytelling in times marked by a crisis of language and factual reporting? In the company of Denis Diderot and Sigmund Freud, Blom explores how it is possible to live with our desire for the counterfactual, the good tale, the compelling story, and the constant temptation to suspend our disbelief.

From the series of our Sigmund Freud Lectures, published by Turia and Kant: The Festive Lecture by Philipp Blom, with a preface by Carlo Strenger.



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