Catalog Freud. Berggasse 19

We are pleased to offer our catalog FREUD. Berggasse 19 - Origin of Psychoanalysis, which has been published on the occasion of the reopening of the renovated Sigmund Freud Museum. Edited by director Monika Pessler and Daniela Finzi, scientific director of the museum, the publication features contributions by renowned authors and over 200 - sometimes previously unpublished - illustrations. Hermann Czech, lead architect of the museum's reconstruction, explains the architectural concept. Foreword by Siri Hustvedt, Cover picture by Robert Longo


Edmund Engelman: Sigmund Freud, Wien IX, Berggasse 19

Cover Engelman

Unique photos from 1938 by Edmund Engelman


SURREAL! Imagining New Realities

Catalog for the special exhibition


Colette Soler: Psychoanalyse und Politik

Cover Soler Freud Vorlesung

German Publication of the Sigmund Freud Lecture 2021


Catalog Freud. Berggasse 19

Catalog German

THE book on Berggasse 19, published 2020!