Cartoons aus dem New Yorker

Herausgegeben von Michael Freund. This book is available with English cartoons and German commentary.

A Selection of cartoons on Psychoaanalysis, published in the legendary New Yorker, edited and commented Michael Freund.

Frühwirth Bibliophile Edition

116 pp.


SURREAL! Imagining New Realities

Cover Surreal

Bilingual Exhibition Catalogue


Colette Soler: Psychoanalyse und Politik

Cover Soler Freud Vorlesung

German Publication of the Sigmund Freud Lecture 2021


Cartoons aus dem New Yorker

Cover Cartoons

The best strips about Psychoanalysis


Catalog Freud. Berggasse 19

Catalog German

THE book on Berggasse 19, published 2020!