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Library of Psychoanalysis search engine

Here you will find the library’s inventory of monographs, multi-author books and journals. In addition to searching by author, title and key word, you can also use the Thematic Search function to take advantage of the library’s system of psychoanalytic classification (in German). The thematic fields, which are organized into main groups and subgroups, also correspond to the shelving of the actual library materials.

Attention regarding journals: To check if the library holds the desired year of the journal you are looking for, conduct an online catalog search using the search criteria “Wörter aus Titel” (words from title) and “Erscheinungsform Zeitschrift” (Publication Form: Journal). To obtain information regarding year or volume, click the “Bestand” (Inventory) button found at the right next to the search results.

Search Engine of the Austrian Library Network

The search engine facilitates searches for books, scientific journals, newspapers, magazines, Austrian university publications, AV media, databases etc. It specifies which of the more than 90 participating libraries in Austria houses the desired item. German/English.

Online Catalog of the Austrian Public Libraries

Psychoanalytic Resources collected by Parfen Laszig

This link to the “Psychoanalytic Journals” section of the “Psychoanalytic Resources” website leads you to a collection of links to the key international psychoanalytic journals, some of which are also available for use in online archives.



Should the book you need be unavailable from any Viennese library, you can also obtain it via inter-library loan from another Austrian library. For this purpose please conduct a search using the central catalog of the Austrian Library Network:
The book can then be ordered through the Library of Psychoanalysis. Please note that the borrowing and use conditions of the lending library (lending duration, lending fees, penalties) are in effect.

An additional inter-library loan fee of € 3,00 -6,00 will be charged. Please be aware that inter-library loan orders can only be carried out for Library of Psychoanalysis cardholders.



Here you will find a conveniently structured online edition of the Gesammelte Werke. All of Freud’s works are accessible in the original German in full text.

Projekt Gutenberg

Projekt Gutenberg has also made Freud’s main works available online in the original German.

Sigmund Freud Edition

Cricital online edition of Sigmund Freud's writings.

A number of scanned Freud works are available in several languages and in a variety of file formats.

Freud Museum London / Photo Library

Here you will find photographs of Sigmund Freud and his family, as well as images relating to the beginnings of psychoanalysis.


Database with historic photographs relating to the early years of psychoanalysis, including numerous images of Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud. German/English



Psychoanalytikerinnen. Biografisches Lexikon

This database honors the contributions made by women to the history of psychoanalysis.

If you have further questions regarding research materials, please do not hesitate to contact the Library of Psychoanalysis' staff (