Preview Fall Program 2021


We happily present our fall program with events, exhibitions, and outreach programs. More details will be announced in time before the event dates:


September 23, 7 pm, Olaf Nicolai: Trauer und Melancholie. Presentation of the installation


September 29, 7 pm, Analysis Interminable. Psychoanalytical Schools of Thought after Freud. Panel discussion in German on the special exhibition with Victor Blüml, Ulrike Kadi, Sascha Schipflinger, and Johann August Schülein. Moderated by Esther Hutfless


September 30, 7 pm, Leonardo. Circle for Psychoanalytic Cultural Criticism. Evening I: Psychoanalytic group discussion in German: Massenpsychologie der Krise. Corona, Umwelt, Einsamkeit with Markus Brunner, Rainer Danziger, Florian Fossel, Rainer Gross, and Sama Maani


October 4, 7 pm, Love, Lies, and Justice. Talk in English with Philippe Sands and Esther Freud


October 7, 7 pm, Unter uns hieß er der Rattenmann. Die Lebensgeschichte des Sigmund-Freud-Patienten Ernst Lanzer. Author reading in German by Georg Augusta and discussion with Kathrin Wohlmuth-Konrad


October: Freud for the ‚little scamps‘. Opening of the education program for 5-12 year olds. Poems by Michael Hammerschmid


November 11, 7 pm, Organized Escape – Survival in Exile. Viennese Psychoanalysis 1938 and Beyond. Opening of the special exhibition


November 18, 7 pm, Gegen die Ohnmacht: Wir. Discussion in German in the context of the Vienna Art Week with Heidrun Primas, Daru Huppert, and Monika Pessler


December 7, 7 pm, Kindheit. Literarische und psychoanalytische Texte. Book presentation and reading in German by Friedl Früh in conversation with Elisabeth Brainin


Our Library of Psychoanalysis will be closed from August 30 to September 20 for summer break. To the opening hours of the library