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Sigmund Freud Museum reopens August 29, 2020!

After 18 months of renovation and reconstruction (including a delay due to COVID-19), we are happy to announce that we will be open to visitors again, starting August 29, 2020!
The “birthplace of psychoanalysis”, where the famous physician, psychoanalyst and thinker Sigmund Freud lived and worked for nearly half a century, offers a modernized and enlarged museum infrastructure, including a new foyer, shop and café, all made wheelchair accessible. Europe’s largest library of psychoanalysis is newly renovated and serves as a platform for research and communication.
The architectural concept was developed by Atelier Czech, Walter Angonese and ARTEC Architects.
Three new permanent exhibitions, a presentation of contemporary art at the Showroom Berggasse 19 and a new special exhibition all inform on Freud’s multi-faceted cultural heritage. They provide a wide range of information on Freud’s life and work, on the historical development of psychoanalysis and offer critical perspectives on its current issues, including its importance for society and the arts. The history of the house Berggasse 19 and the fates of its inhabitants from 1880 to date will be presented in the newly constructed stairwell.
Freud, Berggasse 19
New conception of the permanent collection on Freud’s life and work
Berggasse 19: History and inhabitants 1880 – 2020
A chronology of historic events in remembrance of all inhabitants who were victims of the National Socialist Terror 
Concept and design: Atelier Czech/Hermann Czech and Gerhard Flora
Curators: Sigmund Freud Museum/Monika Pessler and Daniela Finzi
Hidden Thoughts of a Visual Nature. An exhibition of conceptual art
Selected works from the museum’s art collection
Curator: Monika Pessler
Robert Longo, untitled (Hellion), 2011
An art installation by the American artist Robert Longo at the Showroom Berggasse 19
Curator: Monika Pessler
Analysis Interminable. Psychoanalytical Schools of Thought after Freud
Special exhibition on the diversity of current psychoanalytic practice
Curator: Esther Hutfless

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