In Remembrance of Lydia Marinelli


Today marks the tenth anniversary of Lydia Marinelli's passing, and we commemorate our deceased colleague, curator and scientific director of the Sigmund Freud Museum, who has decisively shaped the content and profile of this institution.

In the past years, numerous conversations with internal and external colleagues and friends have contributed to remembering Lydia Marinelli as a charismatic and humorous personality. Her books, essays and curatorial accomplishments – a precious and pioneering base for the engagement with psychoanalysis and Freud's legacy – designate her as an outstanding thinker, writer and designer. A number of considerations that we have today in regards to the reconfiguration of the Sigmund Freud Museum, seem to comply with hers, find confirmation in her writings: The full reconstruction of psychoanalysis's place of origin being futile, is a realization parallel to Lydia's insight of the house at Berggasse 19 being a vestigial memory space. It is this insight that remains lucid, that takes effect till this day and will persist in the future.

In the name of the Sigmund Freud Museum,

Peter Nömaier, Monika Pessler, Daniela Finzi

Vienna, 8th of September 2018

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