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PARALLEL ACTIONS. Freud and the Writers of Young Vienna

Special exhibition at the Sigmund Freud Museum, starting 23 March 2018

The exhibition explores the relationship between Sigmund Freud and the writers of the Young Vienna circle: PARALLEL ACTIONS. Freud and the Writers of Young Vienna reveals the influence of psychoanalysis on the work of the writers Arthur Schnitzler, Karl Kraus, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Felix Salten.

The relationships between psychoanalysis and literature in turn-of-the-century Vienna can be interpreted as a kind of “parallel action”: although the neurologist Sigmund Freud and the “neurotic artists” of Young Vienna with their explorations of the human soul pursued similar goals, there is barely any evidence of official alliances, with personal relationships remaining the exception. As the exhibition demonstrates, drawing on selected writings, works and letters, however, Freud’s theory had a major influence on the writers.

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