Katharina Heinrich: VER _ VER _ VER, 2018

Starting 20 November 2018

The material on which Katharina Heinrich’s new video work is based consists of three words, each with the prefix “VER.” The individual letters run in horizontal shifts, elongations and overlappings to form a bright horizon on a dark background. This continuously flowing rhythm gives rise to a mass of character combinations whose meaning cannot be figured out for some time. It is only after the first five minutes of this 10-minute piece have passed that one of the nouns starts to emerge more clearly, while the other two vanish. For a moment, it is only the suffix of one (“UNG”) together with the prefix of the other (“VER”) that flank the “leitmotif” remaining in the middle. The vanished terms linger in the memory for a while like afterimages, and yet their semantics hold more than just a simple reference to the rules of grammar. The attempt to establish significant links between the words enriches the kaleidoscopic moving script with complex levels of meaning. “The work refers to the current global sociopolitical situation, the suggestive use of language in elections. The words are an allusion in particular to 2018 as an anniversary year in Austria,” says the artist, who also utilizes modes of “delusion and disillusion” and of “construction and deconstruction” as tools for gaining insight.

The installation is on display until 28 Februar 2019.

Katharina Heinrich lives and works in Vienna. She studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Bruno Gironcoli, has had exhibitions in Austria and abroad, and work stays in Paris, Norway, Rome, Paliano and Berlin. She is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Photo: Katharina Heinrich, VER _VER _VER, 2018 (detail videostill)

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