From Jung-Wien to la Jeune Belgique: Literature, Psychoanalysis and Music in fin-de-siècle Vienna

Lecture in English by Alexander Carpenter

part of the programme accompanying the exhibition

Thursday, 6 December, 7 pm, Sigmund Freud Museum

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In keeping with the Freud Museum’s theme of connections and parallels between Freud and the members of the Jung-Wien group, this talk considers the ways in which Freud and one of his contemporaries, the modernist Viennese composer Arnold Schoenberg, can be linked through the literary culture of fin-de-siècle Vienna. But this link also extends to a parallel literary movement in Brussels, la Jeune Belgique, and to one of its key members, the symbolist poet Maurice Maeterlinck, whose work — like Schoenberg’s music — seems to abound with psychoanalytic concepts, especially concerning dreams and the unconscious. This talk moves from Jung-Wien to la Jeune Belgique, examining music, literature and psychoanalysis. It doing so, it triangulates Freud, Schoenberg, and Maeterlinck: for Schoenberg, Maeterlinck provided the texts that inspired and guided him through some of his most expressive and introspective works in the early 20th century; for Freud, it could be argued, Maeterlinck may have been — in the vein of Arthur Schnitzler — a kind of unacknowledged “double”.
Alexander Carpenter is a musicologist, cultural historian and music critic. He is an Associate Professor of Music at the Augustana faculty of the University of Alberta, where he is also Chair of the Department of Fine Arts and Humanities; he is also a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies at the north campus of the University of Alberta. His research interests include the music of Arnold Schoenberg, popular music, the cultural and intellectual history of fin-de-siècle Vienna, and the connections between music and psychoanalysis.
The event is part of the programme accompanying the exhibition:

PARALLEL ACTIONS. Freud and the Writers of Young Vienna

Special exhibition at the Sigmund Freud Museum
Starting 23 March 2018

Photo: Exhibition view "PARALLEL ACTIONS. Freud and the Writers of Young Vienna", displays about Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Arthur Schnitzler (f.l.t.r.) (c) Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung/Oliver Ottenschlaeger


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