Original Recordings from Sigmund and Anna Freud

Listen to the voices of Sigmund Freud (BBC-Interview 1938) and Anna Freud (Lecture in Vienna, 1978)

In December 1938, Sigmund Freud gave an interview to the BBC in his house at Maresfield Gardens, London (mostly in English). It is the only recording of his voice known to us.

Sigmund Freud: Interview BBC, 1938

In 1978, Anna Freud gave the Sigmund Freud Lecture at the University of Vienna (in German). Hear the full recording of this talk.

Anna Freud: die Bedeutung der Kinderanalyse

Podcasts and Interviews

Im Museum - Sigmund Freud schreibt Arthur Schnitzler (in German)

The podcast series "Im Museum" by sisigrant highlights individual objects in the Sigmund Freud Museum (and other houses). In the second episode from Berggasse 19, Daniela Finzi talks about the letter from the founder of psychoanalysis to Arthur Schnitzler that is on display in Freud's study.

Podcast: Sigmund Freud schreibt Arthur Schnitzler

Im Museum - die fehlende Couch (in German)

The podcast series "Im Museum" by sisigrant highlights individual objects in the Sigmund Freud Museum (and other houses). In the first episode from Berggasse 19, Monika Pessler talks about the absent couch in the treatment room.

Podcast: Die fehlende Couch

Dreams from "The Interpretation of Dreams"

Philippe Sands (English) and Birgit Minichmayr (German) read dreams, noted and analysed by Sigmund Freud in the "Interpretation of Dreams". These readings are also audible in our permanent exhibition.

Dream 1

of jumping up the stairs while being incompletely dressed



Dream 2

“an example of really base, egoistical feelings, which conceal themselves behind an affectionate concern”



Dream 3

A Dream of Holiday and the Breakfast Ship




Recordings from selected events at the Sigmund Freud Museum.

Book Presentation - Diane O'Donoghue: On Dangerous Ground.

... Freud's Visual Cultures of the Unconscious. Former Fulbright-Freud-Professorin Diane O'Donoghue presented her book in English in 2019

Lecture - Herman Westerink and Philippe Van Haute: Family Romance

... and the Oedipalization of Freudian Psychoanalysis. Talk in the course of the 2019 Conference "Der Familienroman. Symbolische Strukturen oder neue Formen?"

Book Presentation - Pamela Cooper-White: Old and Dirty Gods

... Religion, Antisemitism, and the Origins of Psychoanalysis. Pamela-Cooper-White, Professor for Psychology and Religion at the Union Theology Seminary, New York, discussed with Psychoanalyst Donna Orange in 2018 upon the publication of her latest book (in English)

Lecture - Donna Orange: My Others' Keeper

... Intersubjectivity and the Ethical Turn. Talk by the californian psychoanalyst and philosopher Donna Orange, Fulbright-Freud Visiting Lecturer of Psychoanalysis 2018.

Lecture - Joel Sanders: Freud's Uncanny Interior

In 2017, the New York based architect and theoretician discussed the influence of Freud's interior on the relation between doctor and patient.

Book presentation - Joanne Morra: Inside the Freud Museums

... History, Memory and Site-Responsive Art. The british art historian presented her book on the two Freud Museums in Vienna and London in 2018.

Reading - Caroline Peters: 4. Juni 1938, ab Wien Westbahnhof

Actress Caroline Peters read from letters around Freud's flight in 2018 to mark the 80th anniversary of his forced emigration (in German).

Lecture - Ernst Falzeder: Sigmund Freud und seine Familien in Wien

Psychologist and Historian Ernst Falzeder talked about the relation of Freud's families (personal and psychoanalytical) to Vienna (in German).

Book presentation - Elisabeth Roudinesco: Wie ich meinem Enkel das Unbewusste erkläre

In 2017, the German translation of Elisabeth Roudinesco's book was presented. Translator Suzanne Kirsch discussed with Alix Paulus and August Ruhs in German.

Lecture - Katharina Prager: Freud und Karl Kraus

... Sexuelle Emanzipationen – Nachdenken über Sexualität und Geschlecht in den Wiener Kreisen um Karl Kraus und Sigmund Freud: Literary Scientist Katharina Prager's talk from January 2019 in German.

Lecture - Peter Geimer: Freud war schon lange nicht mehr hier

...über Hinterlassenschaften. Peter Geimer, Professor for Art History at Freie Universität Berlin, talked about the meaning and impact everyday items left behind have for museums . In German.

Lecture - Susann Heenen-Wolff: Heitere und bewegte Zeiten in der Berggasse

The psychoanalyst presented her research on the happenings in the house and offers a psychoanalytical perspective (in German).

Lecture - Mai Wegener: Die Familie als Roman

The Berlin psychoanalyst discussed the interpretation of the family romances in the writings of Freud and younger psychoanalysts. Given at the 2019 conference "Der Familienroman. Symbolische Strukturen oder neue Formen?" (in German).

Book presentation - Philipp Katsinas and Rainer Danzinger: Dialektik der Befreiung

The editors presented the collection of papers from the 1967 antipsychiatric conference (in German).

Book presentation - Gertraud Diem-Wille: Pubertät. Die innere Welt der Adoleszenten und ihrer Eltern

In 2018, the psychoanalyst presented her German book on adolescence. Discussion with Stephan Doering.

Book presentation- Hans-Otto Thomashoff: Damit aus kleinen Ärschen keine großen werden

... Warum Eltern die besten Vorbilder sind - the psychoanalyst presented his book on children's education in 2018 (in German).

Lecture - Clemens Ruthner: "Kindheitserinnerungen, wenn auch freilich sehr geschlechtlich“.

... Der Roman Josefine Mutzenbacher. Literary scholar Clemens Ruthner delivered a talk about Felix Salten's novel in the program acompanying the special exhibition "Parallel Actions" in 2018.