Sigmund Freud Foundation


Chairman: Peter Noemaier

Vice Chairwoman: Monika Pessler

Board Member: Daniela Finzi

Supervisory Board

Franz Jurkowitsch

Vice Chairmen
René Alfons Haiden
Rudolf Dirisamer

Stephan Doering
Thomas Druyen
Eva-Maria Höhle
Peter Kampits
Emil Mezgolits
Hans-Otto Thomashoff
Wolfgang Wais

Works Council
Loïc Kurzweil

Advisory Board

Jeanne Wolff Bernstein (Wiener Arbeitskreis für Psychoanalyse)

Vice Chairman
Herman Westerink (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Lisa Appignanesi (King's College London)
Oleksandr Filts (Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University)
Rubén Gallo (Princeton University)
Gohar Homayounpour (Freudian Group of Tehran)
Victor Mazin (East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis St. Petersburg)
Spyros D. Orfanos (New York University)

About Us


Mission Statement of the Sigmund Freud Museum

“Committed to the beginnings of psychoanalysis and the ongoing history of the influence of Sigmund Freud’s life and work, the Sigmund Freud Museum is a site of memory and space of thought in which our cultural history combines with our present. With its extensive exhibition and scientific activities, the aim of the institution is to make a profound contribution to the current and future development of sociocultural theory & life practice.”

Since 1971, the Sigmund Freud Museum has been welcoming visitors in Sigmund Freud’s former office and apartment. Formerly a room of commemoration, the Sigmund Freud Museum has developed into a tourist attraction with more than 100,000 visitors per year and a place of debate and discussion with research and education projects, scientific events and Europe's largest library on psychoanalysis.

The museum is operated by the Sigmund Freud Foundation since 2003.




Museum Management

Director: Monika Pessler

Business Director: Peter Noemaier

Research Director: Daniela Finzi

Contact via:

Assistant to the Board, Office Management

Johanna Frei
T: +43 1 319 15 96-10

Stephanie Letofsky
T: +43 1 319 15 96-20


Communication and Marketing

Anna Narodoslawsky
T: +43 1 319 15 96-21


Events, Partnerships, and Education

Eva-Maria Kleinschwärzer
T: +43 1 319 15 96-18


Accounting, Human Resources, and Facility Management

Robert Stepniak
T: +43 1 319 15 96-24

Benjamin Schneider
T: +43 1 319 15 96-17



Daniela Finzi
T: +43 1 319 15 96-16



Loïc Kurzweil
Stephanie Letofsky
T: +43 1 319 15 96-15



Sarah Hönigschnabel
T: +43 1 319 15 96-17


Museum Organization

Helene Glüxam
T: +43 1 319 15 96-23

Robert Stepniak
T: +43 1 319 15 96-24


Museum Shop

Moritz Hoffmann
Georg Thaler-Szulyovszky
Martin Kallinger
T: +43 1 319 15 96-23


Museum Team and Guided Tours

T: +43 1 319 15 96-12

Bettina Althoff, Florian Aschka, Adinah Baldauf, Patricia Benedikt, Rabiya Demir, Helene Glüxam, Moritz Hoffmann, Martin Kallinger, Stephanie Letofsky, Christine Müllner, Patrick Sabbagh, Celine Sanou, Gregor Schuster, Georg Thaler-Szulyovszky


Education Team External

Larissa Kopp, Muchitsch, Magdalena Plöchl, Elfriede A. Stanka



Aneta L.
T: +43 1 319 15 96-13

Antonia Breidel, Martha Kuhn, Buffy Alexandra Woscidlo


Janitor and Maintenance

Denis Brkic, Ramona Les, Alexander Schopf, Markus Steiner


Distribution of Information Material

Berthold Mueller