Mass Movements and Societal Crisis

18. October 2019–19. October 2019

Conference in German and English

In cooperation with Albert Schweitzer Haus – Forum der Zivilgesellschaft

With lectures by Dean Ajdukovic, Markus Brunner, Rainer Gross, Nadja Lorenz, Brigitte Lueger-Schuster, Sama Maani, Spyros D. Orfanos, Barbara Preitler, Antonia Rados, Hans Rauscher, Wolfgang Roth, Laura Wiesböck et al.

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Moving Freud: Parallel Actions

In 2018, the Sigmund Freud Museum explored the relationship between Sigmund Freud and central writers of his time. The special exhibition PARALLEL ACTIONS. Freud and the Writers of Young Vienna reveals the traces left by psychoanalysis in the work of Arthur Schnitzler, Karl Kraus, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Felix Salten. Each author was assigned his own item of furniture which was turned into an exhibition display that demonstrated by showing selected writings, works and letters the major influence of Freud’s theory on them. During the renovation of the Sigmund Freud Museum at Berggasse 19 from March 2019 to May 2020, the exhibition displays can be visited at four locations in Vienna.

Susan Hiller 1940 - 2019

Just as we could say that the existence of our dream life is a continual memento mori and at the same time an approach to immortality, since dreaming seems to have nothing to do with the necessities of physical existence – so collecting may be the same kind of complex activity”, says Susan Hiller looking back at her work with Freud´s archive in the mid-1990s. (Hiller. Freudsche Objekte. Gespräche über Kunst und Wissen, Institut für Buchkunst Leipzig. Eds.: Julia Blume and Günter Karl Bose, Leipzig 1998.)

We mourn the loss of a great artist and generous supporter of the Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna.

Georg Herold, Amor and Psyche, 1989 (c) Margherita Spiluttini
Georg Herold, Amor and Psyche, 1989 (c) Margherita Spiluttini

Object of the Month: November

Georg Herold: Amor and Psyche

The Sigmund Freud museum contains an extensive archive. Every month, we present one of its most interesting pieces.

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