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Am vierten Abend der neuen Reihe in Kooperation mit dem Institut für tfm und Tricky Women Film Festival werden die Filme mit Psychoanalytikerin und Philosophin Ulrike Kadi diskutiert.

Moderation: Melanie Letschnig

In Kooperation mit dem Institut für tfm und Tricky Women Film Festival


Facing Shadows (Lizzy Hobbs, UK 2015, 5´46)
In April 2015, seven young people who had been to a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for help with their depression came together, with the aim of making a short, animated film about what it is like to suffer from depression as a teenager.

Rocks in my Pockets (Signe Baumane, US/LT 2014, 88´)
A crazy quest for sanity, engl. mit dt. UT

“With ‘Rocks In My Pockets,’ Signe Baumane presents a sharp, surprising and funny animated feature, plumbing the depths of depression via her family history. Guided by Ms. Baumane’s almost musically accented voice-over, this hand-drawn debut feature is based upon the mental struggles of her Latvian grandmother and other relatives. It’s told with remorseless psychological intelligence, wicked irony and an acerbic sense of humor.”

(Nicholas Rapold, NEW YORK TIMES)

A main feature of Signe Baumane’s movies is the pointedly handling of difficult and controversial subjects. She speaks frankly about issues a lot of people try to avoid, her biographical series Teat Beat of Sex (2007) is an impressive example for her creative cutoff of an inner and social censorship. Now Signe Baumane’s first feature film is finished.  Rocks in my Pockets – “a crazy quest for sanity” – tells the story of a family. Starting in a not further specified present the narrative leads to Latvia in the 1920s where Anna, Baumane’s grandmother, faces a thoughtful future for she’s well educated and smart. Things become different when Anna marries an adventurous entrepreneur. From now on Anna is facing a life full of suppression. A suicide attempt follows and is kept silent in Baumane’s family for years.

Sounds terrible. But still Rocks in my Pockets is an optimistic movie. For it tells not only the personal tragedies within one family that stands for a gazillion families. It also focuses on the process of an emancipation from a disease. Baumane’s voice-over tells the story of her family throughout the whole movie, the filmmaker appears as a protagonist in a crucial position for she is the one that breaks with the female family tradition of a desperate fate. Being conscious about her own depression the fear from a genetic loading is kept under control for Baumane becomes aware of her life as an artist in New York, full of opportunities and creative choices.

Latvia’s official entry for the Oscar 2015 for Best Foreign Film

Best Feature Film at ANIMATOR – International Animated Film Festival Poland 2014

Winner of the FIPRESCI Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014


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Bild: Still aus Rocks in my Pockets



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