Georg Stenger: Phenomenological Forays into Nostalgia - with a Few Intercultural Side Glances

After an introductory reflection on my understanding of “critical phenomenology”, I would like to show how pain, suffering and grief are related to one another, even if they address different levels. With recourse to phenomenological approaches - here E. Levinas, among others, will play an important role - these attributions are to be examined in terms of their phenomenologically relevant fields. It should be shown that these two “moods” of melancholy and above all of nostalgia are at work as “sensation spaces” and “centers of experience” in order to come to the fore themselves.

All of this will be done on the one hand with recourse to psychoanalysis (Freud et al.) and on the other hand with reference to related Japanese approaches (Kimura Bin et al.). I would also like to use the “visual language” as an opportunity to address this range of topics more adequately, also with a view to the intercultural perspective.


Since 2011, Georg Stenger holds the Professorship for “Philosophy in a Global World” at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna and was appointed as Head of the Department of Philosophy (2014-2016) and Vicedean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education (2016-2020). Moreover, from 2017-2019 he was President of the German Society of Phenomenology Research (DGFP) and from 2009-2019 he was President of the Society of Intercultural Philosophy (GIP), since 2019 he is Vice-President of this Society (GIP). He has held several Visiting Professorships: University of Tübingen, (“Forum Scientiarum”), (WS 2008/09); Gakushuin-University, Tokyo/Japan (SS 2015); Several Universities in Iran (Teheran-University, Tabatabaei-University, Behesti-University, and others), (February 2016); Beijing-University in Beijing (China), 1.-30. Sept. 2018. His latest publications include the second edition of Philosophie der Interkulturalität – Erfahrung und Welten. Eine phänomenologische Studie (Alber, 2020), Faktum – Faktizität – Wirklichkeit. Phänomenologische Perspektiven (Meiner, 2021) and Jenseits der Identitäten. François Jullien – Eine Herausforderung für das Denken im Zwischen von China und Europa (Metzler/Springer, 2012).