The Psychology of Christian Nationalism. Why People Are Drawn In and How to Talk Across the Divide

Buchpräsentation von Pamela Cooper-White und Gespräch mit Michael Freund


Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2022 um 19 Uhr

Bibliothek der Psychoanalyse im Sigmund Freud Museum und via Zoom


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How do we overcome polarization in American society? How do we advocate for justice when one side won't listen to the other and cycles of outrage escalate?

These questions have been pressing for years, but the emergence of a vocal, virulent Christian nationalism have made it even more urgent that we find a way forward.

In The Psychology of Christian Nationalism Pamela Cooper-White uncovers the troubling extent of Christian nationalism, explores its deep psychological roots and unconscious motivations, and discusses ways in which advocates for justice can safely and effectively attempt to talk across the deep divides in our society.


Pamela Cooper-White is the Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor of Psychology and Religion and former Dean at Union Theological Seminary in New York, and was the 2013-14 Fulbright-Freud Scholar of Psychoanalysis at the Sigmund Freud Museum Wien. An Episcopal priest and licensed psychotherapist, she holds PhDs from Harvard University and the Chicago Institute for Clinical Social Work.  She has published 10 books including Old and Dirty Gods: Religion, Antisemitism, and the Origins of Psychoanalysis and Sabina Spielrein and the Beginnings of Psychoanalysis. Her research interests include the history of early psychoanalysis, and psychologies of religious, political, and gender violence. She is a member of the Board of the Freud Foundation U.S., the Psychology, Culture and Religion group of the American Academy of Religion, several editorial review panels, and is President of the International Association for Spiritual Care.

Michael Freund is a freelance writer and a lecturer at IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) and at Webster University Vienna. He studied social sciences in Vienna, Heidelberg, and New York. He was head of the Webster media department and editor and head of the album department at the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.


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