Library materials may only be used on the premises, but there is the possibility to borrow books.

1. Research and order

Please research the documents you require and order afterwards. To guarantee a proper proceccion of the order, it is necessary to fill in the form below completely.

2. Delivery

The orders will be proceeded during five working days. Delivery is possible exclusively via mail. If the requested article could not be found or is not suitable for copying, you will be informed via e-mail.

The Sigmund Freud Foundation is not responsible for the durance of the shipping process.

3. Cost and payment

The charges per request are:

Up to 20 pages: 7 € (plus mail charges)
21 to 50 pages: 12 € (plus mail charges)

Mail charges:

Austria: 1.45 €
EU: 3.40 €

For requests on articles consisting of more than 50 pages, please contact the library directly.

You will be charged only for actions directly linked to the delivery, including the material.

By paying the charges, no rights to publish or reproduce the document are granted.

The copies will be delivered as one-side-copies sized 100% of the original. It is not possible to copy more pages to one. Each document must be ordered on a seperate request.

Due to legal reasons, it is not possible to deliver the requested material as pdf file or in any other digital format.

4. Payment

The payment has to be executed within 10 days after receiving the copies, the invoice will be delivered with the requested document.

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